About The Comic

An adventure story set in an alternate-historical dieselpunk world, The Automan’s Daughter follows military-school dropout Aisha Osman and her uncle Siddig as they outwit bikers, spies and kidnappers while gearing up for a tournament showdown with the formidable Widowmaker mecha.

The comic was adapted from the animated short The Ottoman and shares many of the same characters (and mecha!). The short is still in production and is expected to hit film festivals in late 2020.


Following its decisive victory in the Great War, the Ottoman Empire has united Europe, Africa and Asia. Its control of the world’s oil and metal has made it a global superpower, although its vast wealth has not always trickled out to the countries on the fringes of the Empire. The annual Mecha Battle tournament keeps the citizens entertained, but many can only support themselves by scavenging the empire’s discarded machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the comic update?
The comic updates every Friday.
Where does the story take place?
In Tunisia, North Africa.

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